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We Keep Floors in Livonia, MI Offices Looking Brand New with Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Floor Finishing Livonia MI: Waxing & Buffing | Stay Clean Solutions - floor-finishingOur Techniques Can Make Office Floors Shine Longer  

Clean floors are essential to keeping your building looking its best. From the entryway floor to your office, Stay Clean Solutions uses only the best floor finishing products to keep your floors looking glossily. With the constant traffic of people with their high-heeled and hard-soled shoes, rolling briefcases and carts–floors can take a major beating.

Floors that are scuffed, scratched, marked and damaged by employees, customers and others can prove to be a challenge when cleaning. At Stay Clean Solutions, we can handle the toughest situations. Our team of experienced cleaners has the background and knowledge of cleaning even the most damaged of waxed flooring finishes.

Floors that look worn, old and damaged can reflect poorly on your building and its tenants. Hiring a professional cleaning service can reverse these issues and provide a glossy finished floor that makes your building stand out from the rest by improving its appearance. 

How Can a Cleaning Company Keep My Waxed Floors Shiny?

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Services That Keep Floors Looking Glossier, Longer

It’s no secret that, over time, sediments build up on your floors from mopping, wax accumulation and people.  This will give the floors an undesirable or discolored look, making the building look less appealing. At Stay Clean Solutions, we don’t just clean –we also give you tips on how to maintain your floors to keep them looking glossy. Maintaining your floors requires a little time, some specific equipment and some know-how. With these things in mind (and on hand), your waxed floors will look like new in no time.

While waxed floors create a sheen that welcomes guests into the room, damaged floors can turn an unsightly yellow color if they are damaged or not well maintained. Re-waxing isn’t the solution, as additional wax adds more layers of product and makes the floor more difficult to maintain. Regular maintenance from Stay Clean Solutions will help keep your waxed hardwood, vinyl or linoleum floors shiny:

  • Vacuum floors every day. A buildup of dirt and grime can wear away the finish of waxed floors, so it’s important to rid them of dirt on a daily basis.
  • Mop floors more thoroughly to loosen and remove dirt if the floors are beginning to lose their shine. Mix warm water and neutral detergent in a bucket. Mop the entire floor and follow with a mop rinsing of cool water.
  • Buff floors with a high-speed buffer at no more than 2000 R.P.M. With the use of a small amount of product, floor buffers clean and polish your flooring, which in turn adds a lustrous shine while further protecting your floor.
  • Apply a wax-based product to floors in conjunction with a buffer. This will add a new layer of wax to your floors. NOTE: Save this method for waxed floors that haven’t responded to milder treatments.

At Stay Clean Solutions, we employ all the cleaning services listed above to keep your hardwood, vinyl or linoleum floors looking shiny and new.

Extend your floor's life with the crew at Stay Clean Solutions. Contact us today at (734) 338-6118.
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