How Can a Cleaning Company Keep My Waxed Floors Shiny?

When you own an office or store that attracts clients and customers, it’s natural to want to create the best visual impression. You not only want to create an atmosphere that’s inviting, but you also want to give the impression of organization and cleanliness in order to encourage a high perception of value. As most shop and office owners know, a shiny floor that looks freshly waxed can significantly improve the appearance of any space, but it can be difficult to keep the floors looking shiny without waxing and polishing them daily. Since most business and building owners don’t have the time to do that, the right commercial cleaning service can provide the perfect solution.

While it’s no secret that shiny floors can make a great impression, it’s also commonly known that dull and damaged floors can quickly deteriorate and become a big problem to deal with. While some commercial cleaning companies rely on fixing this by re-waxing the floors, the experts at ABC Stay Clean know that this technique only makes the floors harder to maintain. The only way to keep floors looking bright and shiny is with consistent and thorough routine maintenance. When you partner with ABC Stay Clean, we’ll keep your floors looking their best with the following techniques:

  • Thoroughly vacuuming the floors each day to prevent a buildup of dirt and grime
  • Mopping the floors with multi-step treatments as soon as they begin to lose their luster
  • Buffing the floors with high speed buffers and a small application of a shining product
  • Applying a wax-based product with the buffer to treat any floors that have not responded to less invasive treatments and require an additional layer of wax

Our team knows exactly what it takes to keep the floors in your office, store, or other commercial space looking their best every day of the week, so if you’re in need of practical and affordable commercial cleaning solutions, contact us today for a free quote!

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